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The HURRICANE JACKET V2 has an innovative fiber designed to offer you protection from the wind and cold.

Weighing just 100 grams, it offers a mix of lightweight feel and protection from wind. Moreover, it does not make noise while running.

Its stretchable design fits your body shape in an ultra-fit cut. Finally, this jacket includes two invisible pockets that are easily accessible for storing items such as your phone, gels, and bars.

pushes on the ski poles.

Lightweight wind and cold proof jacket

The Hurricane Jacket V2 is designed from an innovative fibre that protects from wind while remaining fully stretchable.

Quality of its materials and design

This is the perfect choice for all your fresh outings.

3D Backpack Extensor

This structure provides an extension rate up to 200% thus enveloping your backpack whatever its volume. It allows complete freedom of movement during your runs, jumps and pushes on the ski poles.

Tags: Compressport, Jacket, Running, Trail