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  •  Dettol Antiseptic Germicide 60ml (Very Limited Stocks)

Dettol Antiseptic Germicide 60ml (Very Limited Stocks)

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Protect your family against germs with Dettol antiseptics 

One organism that keeps multiplying every few minutes in the world is bacteria. Similar to bacteria, there are so many other kinds of germs that are present all over your house. The most common places one can expect germs to infest are bathrooms, kitchen, the laundry room, different doorknobs and switches and the area that your pet lives in. Some of these germs are harmless while some others can make your family sick. Using antiseptics is the easiest way to stay safe from a germ attack. An antiseptic is a product that slows down and eventually stops the growth of microorganisms. Antiseptics are safe enough to be used on the skin. 

One of the top-selling antiseptic products in the world is Dettol. This brand is a part of the Reckitt Benckiser family and the parent group was established in the early 1800s. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, the RB brand was formed in 1999. Dettol remains the best selling brand of this group. The different products you can buy from this brand are hand washes, body washes, multipurpose cleaners, liquid detergents, cleaning antiseptics, tissues, and antibacterial and anti fungal products. Families around the world trust Dettol antiseptic liquid and use it to clean their floors, their laundry and the furniture. If you find your family often exposed to infections and diseases, you should definitely invest in a bottle of this antiseptic.

Make your baby’s room clean and ready with Dettol antiseptic

Bringing home a baby is a challenging time for the parents. Babies are very delicate and they need to be protected from all external harmful agents for the first few months. When babies fall sick, handling it can be quite a challenge for new parents. Even before you bring home your little one, use the Dettol antiseptic and clean the bedroom or the baby’s nursery. This will keep all furniture and surfaces free of germs. After the baby is home, using this antiseptic regularly will keep the baby healthy and protected. Many parents add a little Dettol liquid to their baby’s laundry load. This makes the clothes absolutely clean. 

For easy cleaning the Dettol spray can be sprayed onto surfaces as this kills almost all bacteria on the surface.

Why choose Dettol?
This is the world’s largest selling antiseptic solution.
The products of this brand are sold in about 124 countries.
All the products are well-tested and very safe to use.