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Benefits of 3D Flat Stitching Technology
an advanced horizontal knitting technique, allows for customized stitching to achieve 3D shaping of the fabric, providing optimum fit.
Contours to your knee area, providing optimum support.

Medical Applications: Recommended use for indications of tendinitis, patellar (knee cap) pain/tracking, arthritis, minor soft tissue tears/strains, general knee pain.

Design Theory: Breathable, multi-directional stretch and non-slip gel prevents migrations, allows full range of motion while maintaining high level support.

Small (13"-14")
Medium (14"-16")
Large (16"-18'")
X-Large (18"-20")
(Circumference measured just above patella)

Patellar Tendinitis
Medical Definition: Inflammation of the patellar tendon (ligament). The patellar tendon is actually a ligament that connects the patella (kneecap) to the tibia.

Causes: Overuse, often times due to extensive jumping or running, can cause tiny micro tears in the patellar tendon. This can lead to inflammation and soreness.

Symptoms: Localized tenderness at the point of insertion where the tendon meets the bone.

Recommended Treatment: R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Reduce activity to promote healing. Strengthen surrounding muscles with a professionally recommended program. Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after each workout to reduce inflammation and pain. A proper stretching routine is highly recommended pre and post workouts. As with any orthopedic injury, a consultation with a sports medicine professional is recommended.

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