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Applications: Provides warmth and support for minor to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist sprains

How It Works: Amount of compression is controlled by user to determine support level. Compression will help to stabilize wrist to reduce risk of further injury.

Design Theory: Wrist wrap is designed to provide support without inhibiting normal use of the hand. Neoprene is wrapped behind hand, allowing palm to remain open.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Medical Definition: Condition where the median nerve is impinged or prevented from working properly. This is most often attributed to excessive pressure on the nerve as it runs into the wrist through an opening called the carpal tunnel.

Causes: Sports requiring the participant to grasp an object or keep the wrist bent up or down, as well as repetitive motion, such as keyboard typing, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms: Numbness, tingling, or pain in the thumb, index, and middle fingers. Inability to pinch.

Recommended Treatment: Wearing a wrist brace for stabilization may help decrease symptoms. A brace will keep the wrist in a neutral position and reduce pressure on the median nerve. If pain persists, see a medical professional. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help alleviate symptoms. See your doctor before taking any medications.

Wrist Sprain

Medical Definition: Excessive stretch or tear of the wrist ligaments.

Causes: A sudden backward bend of the wrist, usually occurring when using the hand as protection when falling.

Symptoms: Swelling of the wrist, pain during hand or wrist movement, inability to bend wrist without pain, tenderness at injury location.

Recommended Treatment: R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Rest wrist joint and reduce activity using hand. Ice wrist to reduce swelling and promote healing. Compress swelling with a wrist wrap or elastic bandage. This will also help stabilize wrist. Elevate wrist to reduce excessive blood flow to area. A wrist brace will help stabilize wrist to help prevent further injury. As with any orthopedic injury, see a medical professional for a complete evaluation.

PRO-TEC Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap - M
PRO-TEC Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap - XL


S$19.00 S$15.90

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