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Sponser Ultra Pro Cocos 45g/Sachet

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The right nutrition concept and energy management during long distance activities, so-called ultra-endurance events, represents a special challenge. Due to exercise intensity and gastrointestinal tolerance, most athletes are primarily focusing on carbohydrates as their prime energy source. Carbohydrates are available in various forms, such as sports drinks, gels or bars. However, during long-lasting activities the protein intake becomes increasingly important , yet is often neglected due to the above mentioned concerns and the limited availability of suitable protein sources.

Ultra Pro provides an adequate, easily digestible protein source during prolonged endurance activities. It comes in a pleasant coconut flavourin. It is ideal to use during ultra-events (running, cycling, hiking), training camps or multi day events.

Besides protein and carbohydrates, it is enriched with nucleotides, vitamins and minerals as well as the amino acid L-glutamine. Without artificial colours and sweeteners. Gluten- and lactose-free.

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Tags: Energy & Endurance, Professional & Competitive Sport, TRIATHLON, ULTRA / EXPEDITION