STEINER TRAIL VISION Miniscope 8x22 Monocular

  • Brand: STEINER
  • Product Code: 2311
  • Availability: In Stock
  • S$148.00

Ready for action and adventure, no matter where you are. The new 8x22 Miniscope from Steiner is small enough to fit any pack or pocket so you can get an 8-power close up view anytime. And since the Miniscope weighs only 80 gramm, it packs easily to accompany you on any expedition, or slips into your pocket for a concert or the theater. Designed with a Sports-Auto-Focus system, the Miniscope allows focusing from 20m to infinity. By using Steiner‘s High-Contrast optical coating, the Miniscope‘s optics deliver incredible clarity and brightness; so clear and bright, it‘s hard to believe something this good can be this small.

Due to its compact design the STEINER Miniscope 8x22 fits into the smallest space. The 8-times magnification ensures that you won‘t miss anything. Truly small and optically excellent.

Ready for action and adventure, no matter where you are.


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