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The Curve Ball: Stationary Foam Roller Massage Tool for Everybody and Every Athlete

  • Muscle friendly, easy-to-use massage tool
  • Exclusive Tiger Tail Gription® offers deep grip and friction to help massage deep and bust out knots fast in fascia and muscles
  • Helps relieve minor muscle knots, aches, and soreness
  • A recommended Trigger Point Release Tool (TRP Release Tool) by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, and many more

The Curve Ball is a stationary foam roller great at deep tissue muscle massage. This patent-pending inventive tool offers stable and controlled deep muscle massage. The orange, flat base is grippy, which means it won’t slide around. It stays in one place allowing for sustained traction on the muscle. Curved massage surface provides targeted muscle care and relief of minor muscle aches and soreness. Use your weight as leverage and let the tool do the work!

Special Features

  • Use on the floor, bed or chair, or even up against a wall
  • High-density foam, non-porous surface
  • Made of Polyurethane Foam
  • Grippy base provides stationary traction
  • Easy to clean: Simply use anti-bacterial gel or gently wash with soap and water


  • 5.5” x 5.5” x 3.25” high
  • 5.5″ massage surface
  • 7.6 ounces
  • Engineered in the USA
  • Patents Pending

Who Can Benefit

Someone who carry stress and tension in the back, shoulders, glutes, hamstring, or other hard to reach muscle groups. This tool is perfect for massaging yourself without a buddy. The curve digs deep into the muscles while the surface glides on clothes so you can move around and target surrounding muscle knots. Use it against a wall and add pressure, or use it by laying down on a surface and let gravity do its work.

Where Does It Work Best

Work best for back, glutes, and quads. The tool stays stationary so it’s easier to control and target your muscles. Best usage: lean on a wall, sit on a chair, or lay down on a mattress or other hard surface.

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