Zyclear Migraine Relief 1.33oz

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A New Type of Migraine Relief
Zyclear is unlike any migraine relief product available today. It contains no menthol, capsaicin, alcohol or other "freezing" or "heating" agent that other products have.
Zyclear is made from a proprietary formula of minerals that may surprise some doctors by how safe and effective it is. Zyclear is applied to the back of the neck where it absorbs into the skin to bring fast relief.
Zyclear's Glide Control Tip applicator is superior to roll-ons, enabling the quick and accurate application of liquid medicine.
Zyclear is designed to be used at the earliest sign of a migraine "telltale symptom," which is the first symptom you feel before a migraine comes on with full force.

• Fast Relief
• 50 Treatments
• Fragrance Free
• Non-Staining


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